This is the Cooperation Agreement of Vertitree (hereinafter referred to as "Vertitree ," "we," "us" or "our"), a company having its address at IJsselburcht 3  ,    Arnhem. Vertitree is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number Not applicable. Our privacy policy explains how we collect, use, share and protect information in relation to our website: (the "Service"). We collect this information when you visit our website with your computer, tablet or mobile phone (“Computer”). We process personal data in a manner that is in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (the “GDPR”), the GDPR-based legislation and the other current privacy legislation.

By using the Service, you understand and agree to the collection and use of information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Our Privacy Policy applies to all visitors, users, and others who access the Service ("Users").

A.    Vertitree manages the website: ;    
B.    Vertitree uses the platform and website under license from Spudu
C.    The copyright of the platform and website that Vertitree is using lies with Spudu
D.    Vertitree has a right of use and copyright on the parts of the app part of the platform developed specifically for Vertitree.
E.    Vertitree and [[user_name]] [[user_surname]] enter into a cooperation agreement with each other;
F.    [[user_name]] gives orders or manages the other parts for his company via the website and platform from Vertitree;
G.   [[user_name]] is explicitly not a client, the client is the customer who has contact with [[user_name]] as a user;
H.  Signing this agreement does not constitute a temporary or permanent employment contract;
I.    Vertitree aims to bring [[user_name]] into contact with the customer, patient or buyer so that the turnover of both parties is increased;
J.    Agreements are recorded in writing, hereinafter referred to as “Agreement”;

Declare to have agreed as follows:

Article 1 Cooperation and duration
1.1     This agreement is entered into for an indefinite period of time. Vertitree and [[user_name]] are free to cancel this agreement at any time.
1.2     Vertitree  is committed to enabling direct contact between [[user_name]]  and customer, patient or purchaser.
1.3     The agreement arises directly between [[user_name]]  and customer, patient or buyer through contact that is established via the website, telephone exchange or website/platform of Vertitree.
1.4     Conversations between the [[user_name]]  and customer, patient or buyer are confidential in nature and private.

Article 2 Nature of the agreement
2.1    [[user_name]]  is independent (independent) and not employed by Vertitree .
2.2    The work takes place on location, by telephone or online by means of chat, video calls or e-mail.
2.3    [[user_name]]  is free to fill in the work and determine the working hours. It is also possible to enter the working hours on the platform.
2.4    [[user_name]]  is not allowed to make offensive, threatening, racist, vulgar or otherwise inappropriate comments.
2.5    Posts that are inconsistent with Vertitree  objectives may be edited or removed without notice.                                             
2.6    [[user_name]]  is not allowed to make comments or distribute content that violates the rights of Vertitree  and/or others.
2.7    [[user_name]]  is not allowed to damage the company in any way. Should it nevertheless take place, Vertitree  reserves the right to terminate the cooperation agreement with immediate effect.

Article 3 Payments/Reimbursements
3.1     [[user_name]]  has an account on the platform from Vertitree , through the account [[user_name]]  can use the various options to get in touch with the customer, patient or buyer, such as chatting, email consultation and calling (with a landline and mobile phone number).
3.2     The customer, patient or buyer can use the website managed by Vertitree  to come into direct contact with [[user_name]] . [[user_name]]  determines the rates to be charged by him/her (Vertitree  has no influence on this).
3.3     Vertitree  charges a commission of xxx % of every order or product that [[user_name]]  performs or sells. [[user_name]]  can partially reclaim this amount from the tax authorities under business expenses. This contribution is invested in, among other things, continuing to optimize the platform, so that Vertitree  can continue to meet the needs of the customer, patient and buyer so that the [[user_name]]  maintains good growth in his/her customer base, patients, buyers and brand awareness. Payout only applies to every succesfull order executed by [[user_name]] . Payment of the assignments can be requested monthly.
3.4 [[user_name]]  is responsible for reporting the income from services worked or products sold and for payment of the taxes and/or social security contributions due on this, in accordance with the law.
3.5 [[user_name]]  agrees to the fact that Vertitree  submits an overview of all paid amounts to the tax authorities when requested to do so.
3.6 If [[user_name]] , for whatever reason, is unable to perform the work or deliver the products, [[user_name]]  will not be entitled to compensation.
3.7 Vertitree  and [[user_name]]  are not allowed to suspend, set off or otherwise compensate the payments, unless the parties expressly agree otherwise in writing .    
3.8     When processing orders and payouts, Vertitree  reserves the right to charge an administration fee up to a maximum of €4.99 per transaction. Vertitree  reserves the right to change this amount of transaction costs in the future and will notify the user of this within a period of 8 weeks.
3.9     When using the telephone exchange, apps or other services from Vertitree , consumption costs may be charged in addition to the commission. These are charged separately and the costs for use are discussed with the [[user_name]] .

Article 4 Other
4.1     [[user_name]]  is personally or with his company insurance liable for all damage caused by himself or third parties engaged by him to Vertitree  or to third parties in the performance of his or her services.
4.2     The profile of  [[user_name]]  may be used for marketing purposes to promote our platform in this way. [[user_name]]  will not be informed of this in advance.
4.3     This agreement is exclusively governed by Dutch law.
4. 4     Vertitree  and [[user_name]]  oblige each other to provide each other with information that is necessary for the execution of this agreement.
4.5     If and insofar as the agreement does not provide for a certain situation, the parties will consult with each other and try to reach a solution within reason and in line with the intention.
4. 6     Vertitree  makes every effort to ensure that its terms and conditions and those of [[user_name]]  do not conflict with each other. In the unlikely event of a contradiction between the terms and conditions, the general terms and conditions of Vertitree  will apply.
4.7     If it is necessary to determine and verify the identity of [[user_name]]  before [[user_name]] can offer his or her services on our platform, a copy of the front and back of his/her identity card must be sent to the e-mail address: .

Vertitree  may change or update this privacy policy from time to time. You are therefore advised to consult this privacy policy regularly. Changes to this cooperation agreement take effect when they are published on .

If you have any questions about this cooperation agreement, please contact Vertitree  using the information below:
- Vertitree
- IJsselburcht 3
- Arnhem
- +3185-0640420