General terms and conditions Spudu

These are the General Terms and Conditions of Spudu (hereafter referred to as “Spudu”), a company registered at Burgemeester Hogguerstraat 861, 1064 EC Amsterdam in . Spudu is registered at the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce under number 71871179.


In these General Terms and Conditions the following terms have the subsequent meaning unless explicitly stated otherwise.
- Terms and Conditions: these general terms and conditions.
- Company: the Counterparty acting in the conduct of a business or profession.
- CC: the Dutch Civil Code.
- Consumer: the Counterparty not acting in the conduct of a business or profession.
- Assignment: All activities, in any form, performed by Spudu for (the benefit) of the Counterparty.  
- Distance Service: a contract that is concluded between Spudu and the Counterparty under an organized distance service provision scheme, with the exclusive use of one or more means of distance communication up to and including the time at which the contract is concluded.
- Agreement: each agreement concluded between Spudu and the Counterparty.
- Counterparty: the party that has accepted these Terms and Conditions and has given instructions to perform an Assignment. The Counterparty can be a Company or Consumer.

Unless the Terms and Conditions explicitly state otherwise, the singular shall include the plural and vice versa, and reference to the male form shall include the female form and vice versa, in relation to the interpretation of the Terms and Conditions.

1. These Terms and Conditions are applicable to all proposals, offers and agreements made between Spudu  and the Counterparty unless the parties have expressly waived these Terms and Conditions in writing.
2. These Terms and Conditions are also applicable to agreements with Spudu, where third parties should be involved for the fulfillment of the agreement.
 3. The applicability of terms and conditions of the Counterparty is hereby excluded explicitly.
 4. Deviations of the Agreement and Terms and Conditions shall only be valid in case these have been explicitly agreed upon in writing.

Offers and/or proposals
1. All offers and/or proposals where the contrary has not been explicitly stated, qualify as a non-committal offer and/or proposal and can always be revoked, also if it includes a term for acceptance. Proposals/offers can also be revoked within seven days after receipt by Spudu, in which case no agreement will be concluded.
2. All offers and/or proposals of Spudu are valid for a period of 14 days, unless indicated otherwise.
3. Spudu shall not be bound to his offers and/or proposals when the Counterparty, based on reasonableness and fairness and in general accepted principles, should have understood that the offer and/or proposal (in whole or in part) contains an obvious mistake or error.
4. In the event the acceptance (whether on minor points or not) deviates from the offer and/or proposal, Spudu  shall not be bound to such acceptance. Unless Spudu  states otherwise, the Agreement will not be concluded in accordance with such deviating acceptance.

Conclusion of the agreement
1. The Agreement is concluded by the acceptance of the Counterparty of the proposal and/or offer of Spudu.
2. Proposals and/or offers can only be accepted in writing (including those made through electronic means). Spudu is nonetheless entitled to acknowledge a verbal acceptance as if this would have been made in writing.
3. The Agreement is concluded upon receipt of a confirmation of assignment from the Counterparty by Spudu, the Agreement between the parties is concluded, or upon the effective start of the execution by Spudu.
4. The Agreement replaces all previous proposals, correspondence or other communication, in writing or verbally.

Performance of the agreement
1. The Agreement will be performed by Spudu to the best of its knowledge and ability and in accordance with good professional practice. The activities to be performed are subject to a best efforts obligation on the part of Spudu. The application of article 7:404, 7:407 paragraph 2 of the Dutch Civil Code is explicitly excluded.
2. Spudu determines how and by whom the Assignment is performed. Spudu is authorized to let third parties carry out certain tasks.
3. [[user_city]] is authorized to perform the Agreement in phases. In case the Agreement is performed in phases, Spudu  is entitled to invoice each executed part separately. If, and as long as an invoice is not paid by the Counterparty, Spudu  is not required to perform the next phase and is authorized to suspend the performance of the Agreement.
4. [[user_name]] uses the Spudu web application and acknowledges that it does not own the web application. It also waives any intellectual property rights. For building specific apps for [[user_name]] built on the Spudu platform, the organization of [[user_name]]  retains the property rights and intellectual property.

Changes and additional work
1. If during the performance of the Agreement it appears to be necessary to change or supplement the Agreement for an adequate execution Spudu will inform the Counterparty as soon as possible. Parties will proceed to change the Agreement timely and in consultation with each other.
2. If the parties agree that the Agreement needs to be changed/supplemented, the time to completion of the performance can be influenced by this. The Counterparty will be informed accordingly by Spudu as soon as possible.
3. If the changes or supplement to the Agreement will have financial, quantitative and/or qualitative consequences, the Counterparty will be informed of this by Spudu in advance.
4. If a fixed fee or fixed price is agreed upon, Spudu will indicate to what extent the changes/supplement of the Agreement impacts the fee/price. In this case, Spudu  will try – to the extent possible – to provide a quotation in advance.
5. Spudu  will not be entitled to charge additional costs in case the changes/supplement are due to circumstances attributable to Spudu.
 6. Changes made to the original Agreement shall only be valid once these changes are accepted by both parties by means of a supplementary or changed agreement.                                           

Obligations Counterparty
1. The Counterparty makes sure that all information, equipment or spaces required for the performance of the Agreement as indicated by Spudu, or which the Counterparty should reasonably understand are required for the performance, are available in time. In addition, the Counterparty needs to provide all rights and authorizations to Spudu that are required to execute the Assignment adequately.
2. Spudu is not liable for any damages, of any kind, as a result of using incorrect and/or incomplete information provided by the Counterparty with respect to the performance of the Agreement, unless this inaccuracy or incompleteness should be known by Spudu.
3. The Counterparty will ensure that the employees of the Counterparty’s organization who are involved in the activities are available in time.
4. The Counterparty should refrain from conduct which makes it impossible for Spudu to properly execute the Assignment.
5. In case Spudu or involved third parties by Spudu carry out activities in relation to the Assignment at the Counterparty’s location or a location designated by the Counterparty, the Counterparty will provide the reasonably desired facilities without any costs.
6. In case the Counterparty fails to meet its obligations as referred to in this article, Spudu has the right to suspend the execution of the Agreement and/or charge the Counterparty for the extra costs, in accordance with the market prices or fees, incurred due to the delay.

1. Spudu is, at all times, entitled to change the assignment or to cancel the assignment. Spudu shall inform the Counterparty accordingly as soon as possible. To the extent possible, Spudu will offer a new assignment. In the event this is not possible, any sums already paid by the Counterparty to Spudu will be refunded by Spudu.
2. Cancellation of the Assignment by the Counterparty is only possible in accordance with the following provisions:
3. Cancellation is only possible in writing and;
- 50% of the amount must be paid, in case of cancellation less than 50 percent prior to the start of the assignment; and
- The Counterparty is required to pay the full amount, in case of cancellation less than 3 days prior to the start of the assignment.
- In case the Counterparty cancels or postpones the execution of an assignment, the costs charged by the employees or freelancers to Spudu in case of cancellation or postponement are for the account of the Counterparty.
- Any sums paid already after deduction of the amount due to cancellation will be, to the extent possible, deducted by Spudu from the fees for a new assignment. In case this is not possible, the amount will be refunded by Spudu to the Counterparty.
- In the event of misconduct by a person or if a person is violating the applicable order- and safety measures, Spudu is authorized to cancel the assignment.

1. The by Spudu indicated rates and prices are excluding VAT unless explicitly agreed otherwise in writing.
2. The rates and prices are excluding shipment-, travel-, accommodation, and other expenses unless otherwise agreed.
3. In case no rate or price was explicitly agreed upon, the applicable rate or price will be determined based on the actual hours worked and the usual rates of Spudu.
4. Prior to concluding the Agreement, Spudu shall promptly provide the Counterparty with an overview of all additional costs, or shall provide information based on which these costs can be charged to the Counterparty.
5. In case Spudu agreed a fixed rate or price upon concluding the Agreement, Spudu is entitled to increase these, even in the event such rate or price was not provided under conditions/with reservation.
6. In the event Spudu intends to change the rate or price, it shall inform the Counterparty accordingly as soon as possible
7. In case the increase of the rate or price takes place within three months after concluding the agreement, the Counterparty is entitled to cancel the agreement by written notification, unless:
- the increase derives from the authorization or a legal obligation of Spudu under the laws of The Netherlands;
- the increase is due to an increase of the price of raw materials, taxes, production costs, exchange rates, wages etcetera or for other reasons that could not have been reasonably foreseen upon conclusion of the agreement;
1. Spudu is prepared to execute the agreement in accordance with originally agreed provisions; or
2. it has been stipulated that the execution will take place longer than three months after concluding the agreement.

1. Payment shall be made by means of a transfer into a bank account indicated by Spudu, unless otherwise agreed.
2. Spudu will send an invoice for the amounts payable by the Counterparty. The payment period of each invoice is 14 days after the date of the invoice unless indicated differently on the invoice or otherwise agreed.
 3. Invoicing takes place monthly or on a case by case basis unless otherwise agreed.
4. Spudu and the Counterparty may agree that the payments will take place in installments in line with the progress of the work. If payment in installments is agreed, the Counterparty must pay in accordance with the installments and percentages as included in the agreement.
5. Objections with respect to the amount stated in the invoice do not suspend the Counterparty’s obligation to fulfill the payment.
6. The Counterparty may not set off any amounts with the amount to be paid in relation to an alleged counterclaim.
7. In the event of non-payment or overdue payment, the Counterparty will be in default without any notice of default being required. As from the date, such payment is due the Counterparty is required to pay the statutory (commercial) interest rate and reminder costs with a minimum of € 25 per invoice until the date of full payment. Interest accrued in relation to a part of a month shall be calculated for a full month.
 8. All payments received from the Counterparty shall be applied (i) first to the payment of all costs, expenses and accrued and unpaid interest and (ii) second to the repayment of the oldest overdue invoices, even if the Counterparty states that such payment relates to other invoices overdue.
9. In the event the Counterparty is in default due to breaching its obligations, the Counterparty shall be liable for all reasonable extrajudicial costs incurred in relation to obtaining payment.
10. With respect to all extrajudicial (collection) costs Spudu, to the extent the Counterparty acts in the capacity of a Company, is entitled to a compensation of 15% of the total principal amount outstanding with a minimum of € 25,- for each invoice which has not been paid in full or in part.
11. With respect to all extrajudicial (collection) costs Spudu, to the extent the Counterparty acts in the capacity of a Consumer, is entitled to the maximum statutory compensation as stated in the extrajudicial collection costs Decree.
12. To the extent the Counterparty acts in the capacity of a Consumer, Spudu  is only entitled to compensation of the extrajudicial (collection) costs once Spudu has sent a written notice to fulfill the payment(s) within 14 days to the Counterparty upon the occurrence of default.
13. In the event of bankruptcy, suspension of payments, liquidation, seized assets, death or guardianship the claims of Spudu and the obligations of the Counterparty towards Spudu shall be immediately due and payable.
14. Any reasonably incurred judicial and enforcement costs shall be for the account of the Counterparty as well.

Distance service
1. This provision only applies to the Counterparty in the capacity of Consumer.
2. In the case of Distance, Service Spudu is entitled to demand advance payment with a maximum of 50 percent of the price.
3. In the case of Distance Service, the Counterparty is entitled to withdraw from the agreement within fourteen calendar days after concluding the Agreement without stating reasons.
4. The Counterparty may withdraw from the Agreement by using the withdraw form placed by Spudu on its website or in a manner chosen by the Counterparty.
5. The Counterparty loses its right to withdraw when the assignment is fully performed. In addition, the Counterparty loses its right of withdrawal when the performance of the assignment by Spudu has begun with the Counterparty’s prior express consent, and with the acknowledgment that it will lose its right of withdrawal once, Spudu has fully performed the Assignment.
6. If the Counterparty has exercised the right of withdrawal, Spudu  will refund the full amount paid including shipment costs within fourteen calendar days of the dissolution of the Agreement.
7. The foregoing in this article does not apply if the agreement relates to:
 - real estate;
 - financial services;
 - services concerning accommodation, travel, catering;
 - services carried out on a specific date or during a specific period;
 - newspapers, periodical or magazine with the exception of subscription contracts for the supply of such publications;
- goods or services for which the price is dependent on fluctuations in the financial market which cannot be controlled by Spudu and which may occur within the withdrawal period;
 - sealed goods which are not suitable for return due to health protection or hygiene reasons and were unsealed after delivery;
- goods and/or services which are delivered within the withdrawal period with the Counterparty’s consent;
 - goods and/or services that cannot be sent back according to their nature.
  - goods and/or service which are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly.
  - goods made to the Counterparty’s specifications or clearly personalized.

1. Upon performance of the assignment, or at least within 7 days after completion, the Counterparty shall examine whether the performed assignment meets the agreement.
2. Complaints should be reported to Spudu in writing within 7 days after performing the assignment.
3. The right to a (partial) refund of the price, replacement or compensation for damages expires if a complaint is not reported within the prescribed term unless an extended term arises from the nature of the assignment or the circumstances of the situation.
4. The payment obligation shall not be suspended in the event the Counterparty informs Spudu of the complaint within the prescribed term.

Force majeure and unforeseen circumstances
1. Notwithstanding anything in these Terms and Conditions to the contrary, neither party shall be liable to the other party for any failure to perform or delay in the performance of any obligation under the agreement when such failure to perform or delay in performance is caused by unforeseen circumstances or due to any cause or condition beyond the reasonable control of the party. In such event, the parties are not required to comply with the obligations under the agreement.
2. In addition to the interpretation of this concept under the laws of The Netherlands and case law, the term “force majeure” under these Terms and Conditions shall include all external causes, foreseen or unforeseen, beyond the reasonable control of Spudu due to which Spudu is unable to comply with its obligations.
 3. Force majeure in relation to Spudu shall in any case include:
 - strikes;
 - transport disruptions;
- acts of government that prevent Spudu from timely and/or proper fulfillment of its obligations;
- riots, civil disturbance, wars,
- traffic obstructions;
- labor difficulties;
- extreme weather conditions;
 - fire;
 - embargoes or inability to obtain supplies; and/or
 - any circumstances which obstruct the normal course of business resulting in the fact the performance of the agreement by Spudu cannot be reasonably expected by the Counterparty.

1. Parties may terminate the agreement at any time by mutual agreement.
2. Parties may prematurely terminate the agreement in writing with a notice period of 3 months.
 3. Parties may terminate the agreement with immediate effect in writing, in case of:
 - application by or granted to the other party of suspension of payment;
 - petition of bankruptcy by, or declaration of bankruptcy of, the Counterparty;
 - liquidation of the Counterparty or non-timely discontinuation of the enterprise of the Counterparty; or
- administration order, guardianship or debt restructuring within the meaning of the Natural Persons Debt Restructuring Act (WSNP) of the Counterparty.
3. In case the agreement shall be dissolved, the payments owned by the Counterparty to Spudu are immediately due and payable. If Spudu suspends the fulfillment of the obligations, it will retain its claims pursuant to the laws and the agreement. Spudu will always retain the right to demand damage compensation.
4. The provisions of the Terms and Conditions and the agreement, which expressly or due to their nature are intended to remain in force after termination of this Agreement or the performance of the assignment, shall remain in full force.

Return of provided items
1. If Spudu has provided items to the Counterparty during the execution of the agreement, the Counterparty is required to return these items within 14 days in their original condition, free of defects and in their entirety. If the Counterparty fails to comply with this obligation all resulting costs and expenses shall be borne by the Counterparty.
2. If the Counterparty, for any reason, after receipt of a written reminder remains in default to fulfill the obligation described in paragraph 1 of this article, Spudu  shall be entitled to recover the resulting damage and costs from the Counterparty, including replacement costs.

1. Spudu is only liable for direct damage caused deliberately or as a result of gross negligence of Spudu, and limited to the amount paid out or covered by the insurance to Spudu or limited to a one-off payment of the amount specified in the invoice.
2. Direct damage is exclusively understood as:
- the reasonable costs of ascertaining the cause and scope of the damage, to the extent the determination is related to damage as referred to in the Terms and Conditions;
 - any reasonable costs incurred to repair the failure in the performance by Spudu in order to meet the Agreement insofar as this can be attributed to Spudu; or
 - reasonable costs incurred to prevent or limit damage, to the extent the Counterparty is able to demonstrate that these costs have led to a limitation of direct damage as referred to in the Terms and Conditions.
- Spudu shall not be liable for any indirect damage, including consequential loss, loss of profits, lost savings and damage caused by interruption of operations, loss as a result of providing insufficient cooperation and/or information to the Counterparty, damage as a result of information or advice provided by Spudu, of which the contents do not explicitly form part of the agreement and all damages which are not covered by direct damage as referred to in these Terms and Conditions.
- Spudu shall not be liable for mistakes in the material provided by the Counterparty or for misunderstandings or mistakes with respect to the performance of the agreement if these are the result of actions of the Counterparty, such as late or non-delivery of complete, sound and clear information/materials.
- Spudu shall not be liable for mistakes in the event the Counterparty has already given approval, or has had the opportunity to carry out an inspection and has expressed no desire for such an inspection.
3. The liability restrictions set out in this article also apply to third parties appointed by Spudu for the performance of the agreement, and Spudu shall not be liable for damages caused by failures of such third parties.
4. Spudu shall not be liable for damage or loss of documents during transportation or mailing regardless of whether these were transported or mailed by or on behalf of Spudu, the Counterparty or third parties.

1. The Counterparty indemnifies Spudu, to the extent permitted by law, against liability towards one or more third parties, arisen from and/or connected to the performance of the Agreement, irrespective of whether the damage is caused or inflicted by Spudu or by the third parties appointed by Spudu, by auxiliary materials or the completed Assignment.
2. In addition, the Counterparty indemnifies Spudu, to the extent permitted by law, against all liabilities from third parties in connection with any infringement of Intellectual property rights of these third parties.
3. The Counterparty is always required to use its best efforts to limit the damage to a minimum.

Intellectual property
1. All intellectual property rights to all the provided products, materials, analyses, designs, software, documentation, opinions, reports, quotes, (electronic) information and preparatory material thereof (together the “IE Material“), developed or provided as part of the agreement, are owned exclusively by Spudu or its licensors.
2. The Counterparty’s sole rights and authorizations with respect to the IE Material derive from the Agreement and/or are expressly conferred in writing.
3. The Counterparty is not entitled to transfer any obtained rights or authorizations regarding the IE Material to third parties without the prior written consent of Spudu.
4. The Counterparty is not entitled to remove or alter any designation concerning intellectual property rights such as copyrights, trademarks or trading names from the IE Material.
5. Each exploitation, reproduction, utilization or publication of the IE Material by the Counterparty outside the scope of this agreement or rights and authorizations granted, will be regarded as a violation of the intellectual property of Spudu.
6. The counterparty uses apps on this software platform Spudu and the intellectual property of the Spudu platform and the apps on this platform created from Spudu or affiliates are the intellectual property of Spudu and Youngbits.
7. The Counterparty shall pay an immediately due and payable penalty of € 500, not subject to any judicial moderation, for each infringement to Spudu, without prejudice to the right of Spudu to claim reimbursement of the damage incurred by the infringement or to take other legal actions in order to terminate the infringement.
8. In case the Counterparty has received express written consent of Spudu for the exploitation, reproduction, utilization or publication of the IE Material outside the scope of this Agreement or granted rights and authorities, this shall not constitute as an infringement of intellectual property rights.
9. All the IE Material developed by Spudu for the execution of the agreement may be used for promotional purposes by Spudu, unless otherwise agreed.

1. Spudu  respects the privacy of the Counterparty. Spudu handles and processes all personal data provided in accordance with the applicable legislation, specifically the Personal Data Protection Act. The Counterparty agrees with this handling. Spudu applies appropriate security measures for the protection of personal data of the Counterparty.
2. Spudu will use the personal data of the Counterparty exclusively for the performance of the agreement or deal with a complaint.
3. For more information with respect to privacy, we refer to Data processing agreement which can be reviewed on the website of Spudu.

Expiration term
1. All claims and/or authorizations which the Counterparty may have against Spudu and/or any third parties appointed by Spudu have, by way of derogation from statutory limitation period (verjaringstermijn), a limitation period of one year starting upon the occurrence of an event resulting in gaining such claims and/or authorizations by the Counterparty against Spudu and/or any third parties appointed by Spudu.

Changes to parties
1. The Counterparty is not entitled to transfer its rights and obligations under the agreement to any third party without the prior written consent of Spudu.
 2. Spudu is entitled to impose conditions in relation to such consent.

Final provisions
1. Any deviations from these Terms and Conditions can only be agreed in writing. No rights shall derive from such deviations with regards to legal relationships entered into subsequently.
2. The administration of Spudu is considered, subject to counter-evidence, as proof of the requests made by the Counterparty. The Counterparty recognizes that electronic communication may serve as proof.
3. In case and to the extent that any provision of these Terms and Conditions and/or the agreement will be declared invalid or unenforceable under the applicable legislation and regulations, the other provisions or parts of the provisions will continue to apply. Spudu replace the provision in question with a valid and enforceable provision that differs as little as possible from the original provision.
4. The place of performance of the agreement shall be deemed the place where Spudu is located.

Governing law and jurisdiction
1. These Terms and Conditions and the agreement, and all non-contractual rights and obligations arising thereto, are governed by and will be interpreted in accordance with the laws of The Netherlands.
2. All disputes between Spudu and the Counterparty related to these Terms and Conditions and the Agreement, or the agreements concluded in the performance of or in connection with these Terms and Conditions and the agreement, will be submitted exclusively to the competent court of Amsterdam.